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Bend Fit Yoga has partnered with The Yatra School and Allison Lindquist

All training will be at Bend Fit unless you work out other details with Allison.

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Allison Lindquist Cross has been serving in the field of mental health for over 25 years. She holds a BS in Child and Family Development, Certification in Marriage and Family, as well as master certification in Anxiety and Stress management, and Meditation. Her training includes her Degrees from The University of Georgia, Graduate studies at Florida Atlantic University and stress management training (trauma, grief, anxiety, balance health) at Barsana Dham/Hari Om in Milan, Italy.

Alli has over 10 years as a crisis and intervention counsel at Education Management Corporation, assisting students with difficult situations that occur during matriculation. In addition, she has been in the wellness community for over 25 years acting as mental health speaker, a consultant to major corporations for better work environments, and as a consultant to private schools to create retention through communication and patience, as well as over 17 years as a spiritual mentor.

As a mentor she has an ease and understanding with all her clients, no matter if you are there to gain spiritual guidance, trauma assistance, relationship restoration, having difficulty in making a new or critical decision or you just need someone to hold your hand and let you know it is all going to be OK.

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