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About Us

Yoga brings together physical and mental disciplines to achieve a peaceful body and mind; it helps manage stress and anxiety and keeps you feeling more relaxed.

Yoga also helps in increasing flexibility, muscle strength and body tone. It improves respiration, energy and vitality.

Yoga asanas build strength, flexibility and confidence. Sign up for one of our Bend Fit yoga classes today!

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Meet Our Instructors

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April Dodson – Yoga Instructor

Bend Fit Yoga is directed by April Dodson, RYT200. April has been practicing yoga for over 13 years. She obtained her certifications at Hot Yatra Center by Allison Lindquist Cross directly. April runs a successful call center and has since 2002. April realized a need for yoga and meditation due to working with so many stressed out business owners. April also realized that yoga can help many others including her brother who was diagnosed with MS in 2018. Elderly people who need not only balance strength but also mindset training. Her classes are like attending a “new wave” for the soul! Her energy and go getterness makes the simple lessons of life easy to embrace.

April is a natural teacher, mentor and guide. Whether you are facing difficulty, stress from work, school, life, or maybe you just need to take some time to yourself to find your deeper connection with your being, you will find that at Bend.fit. You will feel the love the moment you walk in the studio. As a midwestern girl, there is always a very warm welcome.

Melanni – E-RYT 200

My yoga journey at the age of 50. When I started my yoga journey, I didn’t really understand all the benefits yoga had to offer until I turned 55 and got to experience the different styles of yoga; that’s when it became a passion for me. I enjoyed yoga so much that I wanted to teach it to others. Since then, I have had the pleasure to teach Vinyasa yoga to people of all ages. Every time I teach and practice yoga, I learn more about others and myself. I want to continue helping other individuals in their journey of discovering themselves and enriching their lives as mine has become.

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Carrie Caldwell

Carrie has been teaching yoga for over 20+ years! She is known for sweet honey, taking care of ALL the fury friends and a very established artist.

Andrea Zeldon

Andrea comes with 30+ years of teaching yoga. A native to New York, Andrea resides in Greenville SC. She is a yoga teacher, holistic health coach and nutritionist and ear seed therapist. She brings a plethora of knowledge to Bend Fit.

Yoga In Boiling Springs and Spartanburg SC 06

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